As a reputable business with 20 + years of construction experience, TR Construction, LLC has expertise with projects large and small. From industrial commercial work to residential driveways, we’ll deliver concrete excellence on your next construction project.

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Concrete Flatwork

TR Construction provides turn key solutions for concrete flatwork.  We can complete a variety of flatwork scopes to include minor grading, granular fill placement, vapor barrier, reinforcement placing, and placing and finishing to meet specified flatness and levelness specifications.

  • Concrete Slab on Grade
    • Additions to existing buildings
    • New construction concrete slab on grade for warehouses, commercial buildings, apartment complexes
  • Concrete Elevated Slabs
    • Concrete Slab on metal deck
    • Concrete topping for hollow core
    • Concrete flatwork on precast structures

Concrete Foundations

TR construction can construct concrete footings and foundations to provide building supports for new, existing, and expansion projects.  Whether they are standard grade beam footings or formed below grade walls, TR can provide quality concrete foundations to meet your needs.

  • Footings
    • Standard grade beam and pad footings for commercial and construction projects.
  • Cast in Place Concrete Walls
    • Below grade poured concrete walls
    • Exposed and above grade concrete walls
  • Foundations
    • Large concrete foundation structures and slabs

Concrete Sitework

javascript:void(0)TR Construction specializes in providing all aspects of concrete sitework including concrete paving, sidewalks, drainage flumes, parking lots, and other miscellaneous concrete sitework.
  • Concrete Parking Lot Paving
    • Complete concrete parking lots utilizing laser screed technology to maximize placement areas.
    • Concrete parking lot expansions to increase the parking area
  • Concrete Sidewalks
    • Standard concrete sidewalks for public access
    • Concrete flatwork for courtyard and common areas
    • Handicap access ramps
  • Concrete Sitework
    • Structural Stoops
    • Concrete Ramps and Stairs
    • Reinforced concrete pads and site amenity foundations

Concrete Removal & Replacement

TR Construction can provide a complete scope for concrete tear out and replacement. We specialize in demolition and replacement of concrete driveways, paving, parking lots, sidewalk, and slabs.
  • Residential Concrete Driveway tear out and replacement
  • Concrete parking lots removal and replacement
  • Building slab concrete removal and replacement
  • Removal and replacement of concrete sidewalk and patching

Industrial and Structural Concrete

TR Construction can provide a complete concrete scope on industrial projects including manufacturing facilities, Ethanol and Biodiesel plants, industrial warehouses, and Rail Yard facilities.
  • Concrete Ringwall foundations for tanks
  • Structural concrete slabs and equipment supports
  • Complete concrete scope for plant and manufacturing additions
  • Structural concrete foundations, walls, and building supports
  • Industrial concrete containment structures
  • Rail Yard concrete paving and structural supports

Contour Construction

If you are interested in commercial carpentry, please visit our sister company Contour Construction.